Welcome to our unique Posters Center Website

Dear customers,
During February 2017, after 40 years, I decided to close Jeru art in Jerusalem and continuing the business on our Web SIte.

After I studied at the Bezalel academy of art in Jerusalem, I started to collect posters of art work and photographs of Jewish or Israeli content.
After many years, I had the largest collection of any posters ever made, of educational, geographical, historical, religious and nature in Israel. maps, Jewish festivals, traditional, modern, blessings, wedding canopies on silk, kettubot, both original and reproductions.
All this collection has been saved and the majority can be seen on our website.
Over the years I met many nice and friendly people from all over the world and everyone enjoyed their unforgettable visit.
Our visitors book is full of praises and compliments, and some even referred to us as kind of a historical site .
I am still in contact with many customers and we continue our pleasant relationships.
Please continue to be in contact via the phone or website, and I will continue to supply your orders of both posters and also my own works.
Thank you all, that you kept me in business all these years. I will always be at your service
G-d bless you all,
Eliram Zarini.

              I apologize for the poor quality of the presentation of our posters in our site and we are working to make them better.

All prices include Packaging and registered mail !!